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N E B K C 



N E B K C 

In order to respond to your request to have a personalized logo on your pedigrees that you also can use on your contracts (dowload on SERVICE "Template contracts") & internet, we have decided to offer personalized logos with the name of your breeding in PNG format (on transparent background) at high resolution.


They can be personalized to the theme of the name of the kennel or more patriotic with a stylized flag or any other design can be studied. In addition to this.


The only parameters that must remain unchanged are:


  •  Our Bulldog head with his eye patch and lower canine showingThe color must remain cream, however the black background line can change color as well as the eyes.


  • The inscription of our website at the bottom of the logo.

The stars that represent the union EU can be removed.  You can take inspiration from the models below or tell us about your project.


You can also send us high resolution stock images with full license to add as background of the bulldog head or a writing font. Be careful, this must be readable on a 5-6 cm medallion. 



The condition for using the logo provided is that it must remain unchanged.


The logo remains the property of the NEBKC, but is available to our members. It is therefore forbidden to modify the design or the inscription of your affix or of our website. Changes can nevertheless be approved, but must be ordered from us.


These logos are legally protected for copyright, by copyright sign affixed in the middle point to the right of the logo, as well as by the signed contract.


Before ordering your logo, please download the contract below in PNG format and return it to us by post, duly dated & signed with the words "read & approved".


1 time cost, Euros 50.- I

Changes to an existing logo Euros 15.-


Please don't forget to convert the currency to Euros in the Paypal menu below.


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