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N E B K C 

Score system

Our score system is a double points system, the dog earn points in relation to his placement on the ring and in relation to the conformation to the standard. 


Conformation points are not cumulative, only show points. Thus a dog who has not obtained a certain number of conformation points will not be able to systematically claim 1st place, for example if he is alone in the ring. In relation to its conformation points, it may be placed only 2nd, 3rd or not placed at all.


1st place   10 points 

2nd place    8 points 

3rd place     5 points 

B M/F        10 points  (Best male or female)

BOB          15 points  (Best of breed)

RBOB       10 points  (Reserve best of breed)

BIS            20 points  (Best in show)

RBIS         15 points  (Reserve best in show)


Conformation points are acquired and generate a conformation mention that will be inscribed in the pedigree and all dog show participants will earn a conformation mention, not only the dogs placed at  1st, 2nd, 3rd. Because sometimes you have very good dogs in the ring and 4th or 5th are of almost equal quality.


Our system also makes it possible to avoid the error that many clubs make, that is to place 1st, 2nd, 3rd systematically. Often a dog alone in the ring is placed 1st place even when he obviously does not have the quality.

Conformation mentions can also be acquired via online conformation.

EX+  Excellent conformation, near to perfection

EX    Very good conformation

G+    Good conformation

G      Average conformation

F+    Not enough

F      Not enough

DQ   Disqualified - can be reassessed 

DQ-X  Permanently isqualified 


(Preceded by: Jr. if -12 months, junior class)



JrCH     Junior Champion

To acquire a champion title, the puppie must have earned 100 show points, 5 major wins and been confirmed EX+ or EX. 

CH        Champion

To acquire a champion title, the dog must have earned 100 show points, 5 major wins and been confirmed EX+ or EX. 


GrCH    Grand Champion


The GrCh title can be won when the CH beats 3 other CH or he can also compete against the BOB (Best of Breed) at the end of the show. A Champion is not admitted in the conformation ring. If a BOB beats a CH, he obtain the CH title even without 100 points. 


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