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Prices 2020

Temporary puppy certificates are FREE, editable online on the SERVICE page, sub-menu "Edit a free temporary puppy certificate". Send it directly to the new owner in 1 click by email. Both parents of the litter must be NEBKC registered and the breeder NEBKC affiliated with an AFFIX. The new owner pays the fee of 25.- Euros for his pedigree that he can request immediately, without waiting that the breeder has sold out the litter and request full pedigrees, that can take months in some cases. 

Litter announcement is mandatory but  FREE (once the puppies have received their microchip. 


15.- Euros : Price for 1 Puppy pedigree when ordered simultaneously for a whole litter, registered either in the name of the breeder (kennel name) or on behalf of the new owners. Pedigree up to 5 generations with photo & laminated.

25.- Euros :  Puppy pedigrees ordered by the breeder but individually, 25. - per puppy (the breeder can choose whether to send directly to the new owner or to him).

25.- Euros : Pedigree conversion price 1 adult dog or puppy, transfer from another club or temporary puppy certificate conversion.

15.- Euros : Foundational pedigree from 0-2 generations (online confirmation is requested and costs 30 - Euro (please visit online confirmation page). 

30.- Euros : Online confirmation with mention reported on our database and pedigree, the result appears on descendants up to 5 generations).

15.- Kennel registration 15. – Euro- The breeder receives a breeder’s license with a membership number. All litters are registered under the membership number of the breeder, followed by the date of birth of the litter, this the litter number. This number is requested to ad your pups  in some free pet websites.


30.- Euros: Dog show entry ticket for 1 dog, 2nd dog 25.- Euros, 3rd dog 20.-, following 20.-. (The dog must be on the name of the same owner)


25.- Euros : Official scoring hips (by our veterinarian, official club reader) (N. Olsson angle)
25.- Euros : Official scoring elbows (by our veterinarian, official club reader)
25.- Euros : Official scoring vertebral column 25.- (SD, OCD, HV)

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